Privacy and Security

This broad topic focuses on common features of the platforms and applications that students are regularly interacting with online. Be sure to know how the applications work, the content and trends, and what the purpose of that each particular tool is. How to choose what information to share and what settings are available to protect it.

  • Staying safe on the internet
  • Using websites and apps safely
  • What should be kept private when using the internet
  • Choosing strong passwords and keeping them safe
  • What kinds of information are safe to share online
  • Protecting yourself from viruses and malware
  • Identifying phishing attacks and malicious websites
  • Sharing personal information with apps
  • How to secure social media accounts
  • Protecting your personal data on social media
  • How your personal data is used by companies
  • Understanding hackers, ransomware and cryptocurrency
  • Privacy and security considerations after high school

Main Topics

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