What is digital well-being?

Digital well-being is about building a healthy relationship with technology. In order to use technology effectively, you can't allow technology to control your time and mental health.

With UpSavvy, students learn how to balance and navigate the digital world. They will understand the differences between consuming and creating media using digital devices. How important it is to balance time between digital and real life activities. There are certain times in the day where nothing is more important than real-life face time (e.g. family).

UpSavvy digital well-being lessons

  • Taking breaks from technology
  • Balancing online and offline time
  • Dealing with device distractions
  • Making healthy digital media choices
  • Unplugging from the online world
  • Apps, games and websites keeping our attention
  • Social media usage and effects on our lives
  • The difference between active and passive screen time
  • Understand how online community interactions affect you
  • Understand how your interactions with online communities affects others
  • Health effects of screen time

Digital citizenship curriculum topics

About UpSavvy

UpSavvy provides one minute lessons for digital citizenship using interactive video format. It can be deployed with single sign-on and integrates with Google, Microsoft, Clever, ClassLink. UpSavvy was launched by former Googlers who helped over 4 million people learn how to use Google Apps.

Why UpSavvy works

  • 200+ bite size lessons with resources in a ready to go package.
  • Students learn about apps and scenarios they encounter online.
  • Teachers minimize their time investment with ready to go resources.
  • Admins integrate easily with school systems, with customization and reporting.
  • Parents access resources to understand their kids' use of technology.

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