Interactive lessons for digital citizenship

Help your K-12 students make better decisions with technology.

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Curriculum built for the modern day

UpSavvy's curriculum is up to date with over 200 bite size lessons that cover the most important topics from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Themes include:

  • Digital Well Being
  • Privacy & Security
  • Digital Footprint & Identity
  • Digital Communications & Relationships
  • Cyberbullying & Hate Speech
  • Media Literacy
  • Technology Essentials

Built by a former Google team


Interactive content

Engaging video lessons with up to date interactive walkthroughs and quizzes.

Bite size videos

Hundreds of short lessons to keep the attention of today's students.

Frictionless deployment

Integrates with major SSO and LMS providers for education.

Measurable results

Track student progress with advanced reporting.

Standardized curriculum

Aligned with ISTE, Common Core, AASL & CASEL standards.

Cost effective

Pricing as low as $1 per student per year for your district.

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