An Educator’s Guide to Password Power Plays

September 26, 2022
An Educator’s Guide to Password Power Plays

Password power plays are the best defense against online hackers to prevent having one or more of your digital accounts and personal information being compromised. The following four password power plays, when used in conjunction with each other, work well together to keep your online accounts safe, secure, and ready for the big game!

Ensure your passwords are at least ten characters in length

The longer your password is, the better. The more you can enhance the complexity of your password, the more you strengthen the digital walls of your power play. Get strategic with this power play, increase your password from one word to multiple words, and block out the offense with unique and creative passphrases.

Ensure every account you use has its own unique password

It’s time to keep a little record book of all your power play passwords. Ensure that every single account you create or use online has its own unique and distinguishable password. Think of all your digital accounts as their own individual teams- they deserve to use their own unique password and configuration to set them apart from everyone else. If a hacker gets a hold of one power play strategy, you don’t want them to hold the power to all your other plays as well.

Mix in characters and uppercase letters in all your passwords

Designing password power plays takes creative and critical thinking. Use those characters and numbers that can represent letters and integrate them into your passwords passphrases that are at least ten characters in length. In your password power play handbook you should have a clever and unique combination of words, characters, numbers, and upper and lower case letters.

Create passwords that have no connection to your information

The most common misplay is for users to create passwords based on common personal information such as family names, loved ones, and birthdays. A true password power play has zero connection to your information and is extremely difficult to guess. Like a true power play, your opponent should never be given an advantage in guessing your strategic game plan. Get started on your password power plays today!

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