Digital citizenship curriculum for students

Growing up in today's online world is extremely challenging for kids. They can be exposed to identify theft, cyberbullying, ransomware, phishing attacks, catfishing, device addiction, hate speech... the list of risks is growing.

UpSavvy is an out of the box learning platform for K-12 school districts, with a research-backed digital citizenship curriculum. Featuring over 200 interactive micro lessons, kept up to date on the latest technology trends.

UpSavvy Digital Citizenship Curriculum for Students

“Helping our students understand how to be safe, creative, and use good judgment in digital environments is more important now than ever. UpSavvy has an amazing new curriculum with age-appropriate Digital Citizenship lessons for all grade levels. These bite-sized, easy-to-implement lessons are rooted in research-based practices and pedagogy. The robust teacher resources facilitate deep student learning and real-life applications. With integrations to Learning Management systems and stellar reports, UpSavvy has everything districts need to implement digital citizenship in a meaningful and engaging way.”

Laurel Aguilar-Kirchhoff
Laurel Aguilar-Kirchhoff

Former ISTE Digital Citizenship Professional Learning Network Co-President

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Learn by example, demonstrate understanding.

When we teach students about phishing attacks or how to secure social media accounts, we walk them through the apps they actually use. Then we test their understanding through lifelike scenarios and interactive simulations.

Since micro lessons are easy to digest, students can learn through the self-paced UpSavvy app and teachers can save time developing digital citizenship programs for the classroom.

Backed by education experts, built by tech pros.

Our team of former Googlers collaborated with education experts to develop the UpSavvy curriculum and technology. We conducted research with teachers and students to understand the challenges school districts face with digital citizenship.

🥱 Students attention spans may be limited.

🕓 Teachers may not have enough time to develop programs.

🏫 Districts need scalable solutions for digital citizenship.

“What sets UpSavvy apart is their ability to make digital citizenship actionable. Instead of simply telling students to be safe online, UpSavvy's videos show students how to do just that. By walking a student through settings on their devices and within their most used digital platforms, UpSavvy is empowering young people with content they can apply immediately.”

Kristen Mattson, Ed.D
Kristen Mattson, Ed.D

Edvolve, Managing Partner & Lead Consultant

Micro lessons, major results.

UpSavvy is designed to be mindful of teachers’ time, providing resources to supplement digital citizenship lessons with classroom activities.

Studies show the micro learning format connects well with students K through 12, teaching key technology and decision making skills, in bite-sized digestible chunks.

🧠 Students can learn through interactive micro learning.

🎓 Teachers can teach digital citizenship to all K-12 students.

📊 Districts can track student progress through reporting.

Sample Lesson Package

Sample UpSavvy digital citizenship lesson

How to secure social media accounts

8th Grade, Privacy & Security


  • What are social media security settings?
  • Why should you care about social media security settings?
  • How can you make your account login more secure?
  • How can you make sure apps aren’t accessing your personal information?
  • How to secure your profile on TikTok
  • How to secure your profile on Snapchat
  • How to secure your profile on Instagram
  • How to secure your profile on Twitter
  • How to secure your profile on Facebook

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Learn more about our educational advisors.

Dr. Kristen Mattson and Dr. LeeAnn Lindsey
Dr. Kristen Mattson and Dr. LeeAnn Lindsey are the managing partners of Edvolve. Together, they work with schools, non-profits, and businesses to forward an empowering, integrated approach to teaching digital citizenship. They bring a combined 40+ years of experience as educators (and two dissertations on the topic!) to the table. Kristen is the author of Digital Citizenship in Action (2017) and Ethics in a Digital World (2021). LeeAnn was a contributing team member to the ISTE Standards for Students (2016) and Educators (2017) which emphasize strong digital citizenship. Together, they have created the Edvolve Framework for Digital Citizenship Education (2022).

Laurel Aguilar-Kirchhoff
Laurel Aguilar-Kirchhoff is a digital learning specialist, educational consultant, and adjunct university professor. Her areas of expertise include digital citizenship, media literacy, educational technology and innovation. Laurel’s the former ISTE Digital Citizenship Professional Learning Network Co-President, and is the instructor for the ISTE U Digital Citizenship in Action course. She is the co-author of the book and jump start guide, Bring History and Civics to Life: Lessons and Strategies to Cultivate Informed, Empathetic Citizens published by ISTE in 2022.
DigCitCommit Coalition
UpSavvy is a member of the DigCitCommit coalition, organizations working together to redefine digital citizenship. By supporting educators from around the world with resources, learning and engagement opportunities, we challenge students to stay safe, solve problems and become a force for positivity.

Frequently asked questions

What devices and operating systems does UpSavvy work with?
UpSavvy is a web-based application that is accessible from desktop, laptop and mobile devices. Operating systems supported: ChromeOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android.