An Educator’s Guide to Being the Boss of Your Device

September 19, 2022
An Educator’s Guide to Being the Boss of Your Device

Being the boss of your device means having full control of your actions as they pertain to digital use and being able to continuously regulate and manage your device use in productive and healthy ways. Having full cognitive awareness of your device use is pivotal for maximizing your time online, but also recognizing the importance of taking regular offline breaks. The following are four guidelines to assist you in being the boss of your own device and utilizing it in a way that is the optimal balance between your professional and personal life.

Spend as much time offline as you do online

If you are connected to a device from dawn to dusk, you are missing out on some amazing moments and healthy lifestyle choices. Be sure that you schedule thirty minute intervals throughout your day to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Always remind yourself that a lot of life exists outside of a device, and some digital tasks can wait until tomorrow for completion.

Be intentional and productive with your digital time

Ensure that each morning you are setting an intentional game plan for your device use. Know exactly what you need to do during your online time, set time parameters for different tasks, and avoid aimless scrolling and searching. Be mindful that you are not losing valuable minutes with online distractions and unnecessary tasks. You might even surprise yourself with your personal productivity levels when you set clear and defined intentions.

Enjoy device free meals and conversation times

There is nothing worse than an individual bringing their device as a third, fourth of fifth wheel. There is a reason why devices don’t get their own personal invites to dinner, social events, and special occasions. Continually practice and implement device free meals to focus on irreplaceable human connection time. Implement the same sense of urgency to human connections as you do to checking and interacting with new digital notifications.

Establish routines where devices go to bed one hour before you

We all know that established routines allow individuals to thrive and be successful, but what about your device routines? Are you allowing a device to disturb your precious sleep or distract you from other evening activities? Incorporate devices into your daily routine so that they are going to bed at least one hour before you. This will ensure that your mind has time to rest, gear down, and recharge for another day of being a device boss!

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