Solve digital citizenship for your district.

UpSavvy is on a mission to help K-12 students make better decisions online.

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Why UpSavvy works

  • Takes less than 5 minutes a month to learn digital citizenship.
  • Interactive content with over 200 bite size videos, quizzes & simulations.
  • Empowers teachers with resources while minimizing their time investment.
  • Enhances the classroom experience without sacrificing learning time.
UpSavvy is a learning tool with a growing library of K-12 digital citizenship lessons that integrate in the classroom with minimal teacher effort, keeping students up to date with the latest technology, online trends and SEL concepts.

Digital citizenship curriculum topics:

UpSavvy Lessons

Frictionless deployment with measurable results

UpSavvy integrates directly with existing school district systems, including rostering and single sign on with Clever, Classlink, Google and Microsoft. This makes deployment simple for your tech department, and access to UpSavvy easy for your students and teachers.

UpSavvy lessons can be shared directly into Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams, with support for sharing into any LMS.

Reporting is provided for district administrators and teachers, so student learning progress can be measured at the district, school and classroom levels.

Login and reporting

Built by a former Google team

Our team helped over 4 million people learn how to use Google Apps through interactive micro learning.
As parents and technology experts, our mission is to help K-12 students make better decisions online.

Interactive content

Engaging video lessons with up to date interactive walkthroughs and quizzes.
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Bite size videos

Hundreds of short lessons to keep the attention of today's students.
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Standardized curriculum

Aligned with ISTE, Common Core, AASL & CASEL standards.
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Frictionless deployment

Integrates with major SSO and LMS providers for education.
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Measurable results

Track student progress with advanced reporting.
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Cost effective

Pricing as low as $1 per student per year for your district.
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